Antibiotic Alternatives – Natural Solutions?


I watched a documentary the other day about superbugs and their relationship with antibiotics. Since I had been on antibiotic treatment for the past few months, I really liked what I saw.
Personally, I was given, among other medications, an antibiotic prescription for about 4 months, only to develop the most annoying effect after less than a month of treatment. I did some research on the medication I was given and found that the side effects were quite common. Naturally enough, I stopped taking it immediately and the unpleasant symptoms disappeared. I have given this drug another try after another month when the side effects have disappeared. Unfortunately, they reappeared immediately so my decision at the time, in my mind, did not make sense.
After looking at this documentary, I began researching (naturally, being myself), ways to get good results without the use of antibiotics. Or, it is very appealing to me, to find food anyone can find that will work in our programs to help us avoid the need for antibiotics, a way that will keep me and my gut health every day.

During my research I found several companies and institutions investigating similar options. Another new thing I learned was a great report from “Medical News Today 2018” which highlights the diet, from garlic to oregano which has been shown to have very beneficial effects.
It is thought by respected organizations such as Medical News Today and the National Academy of Medicine, to name just two, that our overuse of antibiotics opens the door to so-called “superbugs” and that this can easily lead to antibiotics losing their ability to heal.
Research into this issue by major medical organizations around the world is ongoing, but it takes time and money and we don’t know how much we have.

One thing that stands out most, in all of this, is that the use of antibiotics is ONLY where necessary, and ONLY using the most appropriate dose of the treatment being treated is very important. This is difficult, but not impossible. But is it important?

Another thing that can help in this work is to make sure that the conditions being treated actually need antibiotics, as researchers have found that ‘Antibiotics will not cure viral infections because they cannot kill germs’. And yet, sometimes antibiotics are still prescribed.
Is this hopeful that they can succeed?

The use of effective antimicrobials, which will improve good health and provide our bodies with antibodies, can be one of the major ways to reduce the need for antibiotics and thus reduce the risk of developing superbugs.

As many medical researchers point out, solutions to the antibiotic problem are many and include reducing the use of antibiotics by using other products. Although there is no other way to replace all use of antibiotics (Allen, 2017).

It would therefore mean that we should add ingredients such as Garlic, known as a healing remedy for centuries, Honey, used in other parts of the world since Roman times, Ginger, Turmeric, which has been found to be useful as a healing agent for at least 5,000 years, to name a few. in many kitchens, in our food. After that, we can at least start defending ourselves against the NEED of antibiotics so RISK of getting these “superbugs” attacks our bodies when they are weakened by disease.
We can also build resistance with exercise, but that is a topic for another day.


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