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This series of articles is written for wise and determined people who do not need another “good” treatment but who want to get their bodies back on track.

We will share with you the secrets of my weight loss program that helped me lose a lot of weight. Once you have made the right decision to go through this process, you will need to discipline yourself, persevere, and be motivated to continue following all the instructions and do it properly.

Our thoughts are material. If you set yourself a clear goal and go for it or whatever comes your way, then your body will adjust accordingly. For example, if you want to lose weight slowly, the body produces the right kind of hormones and enzymes that eliminate body fat deposits and reduce your appetite.

The path to a dream body begins with establishing a goal and gaining inspiration. Motivation is very important to anyone because it is the key to success in anything. There are people who can stay on the same diet for years, but their results are different. Those who have actually removed the excess weight and have changed beyond recognition, admit that their motive has always been as hard as a rock.

The main goals of the first phase are to improve bowel function and increase protein absorption because protein is the most important factor in maintaining your muscle mass. With it, we have to get rid of the intestines temporarily by blocking protein and the use of fats as a normal part of the body. After that, we should promote intestinal function with the help of dietary fiber and become accustomed to the balance of bifidobacteria that make up protein synthesis.

Features of nutrition

Many people think it is easier to convert to a different religion than to convince a person to change his eating habits. In the first step, you should form the basis of a healthy diet.

Let’s start by significantly reducing the consumption of meat and fish at a very low level. In addition, we use mainly vegetable oil to balance bowel function and to increase the absorption of protein. But you should not stop eating protein and fat at all! The protein you use should be no less than 50 g per day!

Physical activities

In the first stage, a lot of physical activity has to go. Walking is a form of aerobic exercise. It works best when done in the morning. Before leaving, drink a glass of water. You have to do it on an empty stomach. If you happen to walk in the evening, do not eat anything for at least an hour before exercising.

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