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Cortisol is a cholesterol-producing hormone and belongs to the glucocorticoid group. It is separated from the adrenal glands behind the signal from the pituitary gland.
Cortisol is called a stress hormone and this is by no means a risk factor – the main factor that triggers its combination is a variety of stressors that may be different – unhealthy diet use, hard work, trauma, strong emotions, malnutrition, insomnia, illness, pain tests.

Benefits of Cortisol

When cortisol is at normal levels, it brings only benefits to the body. Its general secret is essential to many important programs. It reduces sensitivity to pain, increases physical resistance, improves memory and concentration.

High levels of cortisol for a long time carry a lot of bad things. Gradually it weakens the immune system, reduces the secretion of testosterone and somatotropin, suppresses thyroid function, blood sugar imbalances, increases blood pressure, decreases cognitive abilities.

It constantly reduces muscle mass, increases fatty tissue, and accelerates cell aging. High levels of cortisol cause ulcers, diabetes, and counseling marks, bone density decreases, which contributes significantly to bone density.

Symptoms of high cortisol

The symptoms of long cortisol are different. A person with the same problem begins to experience different mood swings – anxiety, depression, and intense anxiety. This is because cortisol affects the combination of dopamine and serotonin.

As it turned out, the concentration of cortisol is very high in the morning when a person has to wake up and be young and strong. People with high cortisol in the morning feeling tired, and at the same time bored.

Weight gain slowly increases because cortisol not only stimulates appetite but also increases appetite. High levels of the hormone cause [dehydration], leading to premature wrinkles and aging.

High cortisol-induced hypertension can cause an increase in blood pressure and thus increase the risk of heart disease.

Cortisol investigation

Cortisol studies have been given to determine its blood levels. Two blood samples are usually taken – one morning and one evening because the levels are different. Usually, such a study is designed to diagnose problems with the pituitary or adrenal gland.

Prior to an appointment, a person should be prepared. For that purpose, the day before this avoids physical activity, and half an hour before the sample itself is asleep. Taking certain medications can change the side effects, so if you are taking a pill, you should tell your doctor about it.

Research should not be done after experiencing mental or physical stress during pregnancy or low blood sugar when taking certain medications.

Deviations in procedures may be due to specific illnesses and problems. High levels can be caused by kidney, liver, obesity, depression, hyperthyroidism. The most common cause is Cushing’s syndrome.

Low cortisol levels can be caused by bleeding from any internal organ or Addison’s disease.

Rust control

Avoiding continuous high levels of cortisol is an essential requirement for good health. To prevent side effects, each person should try to keep a few basic rules. First, it is important to minimize stress as much as possible.

It is a major cause of high cortisol and needs to be corrected. Getting enough sleep is important, exercising should be replaced with moderation. Nutritious food is avoided, and food should be balanced and complete. Coffee and energy drinks should be reduced to avoid secondhand smoke.

Daily stress caused by engaging in, inactivity, taking caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco, sleep deprivation, and an unhealthy diet should be replaced by exercise, yoga, and meditation practice, a complete lifestyle change.

Diet and cortisol

Like many other hormones, nutrition is one of the most important factors in maintaining normal cortisol levels.

To maintain cortisol levels, especially in the case of trained people, a balanced diet should consist of at least six meals a day, divided into smaller portions. A strong calorie reduction can increase cortisol levels by up to 40%.

The increase in cortisol is caused by eating too much sugar, chocolate, and coffee, a high-fat diet.

Garlic is one of the most beneficial foods for cortisol control. This is because it is rich in vitamin C.

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