If you are suffering from hearing loss and having military service, you may be qualified for VA disability payments due to your military service.

Your attorneys may be able to assist you in obtaining a Veterans Administration (VA) disability award if you suffer from hearing loss. We will review the facts of your case, gather evidence to establish that your service caused your hearing loss, and submit your claim to Veterans Affairs.

But the first thing to do is to prove your case of sudden hearing loss and tinnitus in one ear. And it might be challenging to trace back to the particular experiences.

Tracing the hearing loss causes

As a veteran, you must prove that your hearing loss was caused by your military service to receive VA disability benefits. There are three requirements for direct service connection.

The first one is the current diagnosis. The second one is the specific service which could be the root of the cause. And last but not least is the official medical opinion about the in-service which cause your hearing loss condition.

Current Diagnosis

To be eligible for VA disability compensation for hearing loss, you must first demonstrate that you have a qualifying condition. For example, when it comes to evaluating hearing loss, the VA is highly accurate.

The lack of specified decibel levels at various frequencies is characterized as hearing loss. This is a decision that each physician can make on their own. You must see a professional audiologist for VA purposes. Hearing loss is a disease that needs two tests before VA can accept your current diagnosis.

Maryland CNC Test: To measure veteran hearing loss, a 50-word speech recognition testing is employed. The findings of this test assist VA in evaluating whether or not your hearing loss qualifies for disability payments.

Puretone Audiometric Test: This test reveals the faintest tones you can hear. When you hear a beep, you raise your hand.

A VA hearing loss diagnosis is required for reimbursement. This is not proof to back up your claim. To guarantee that the findings are valid, you must remove your hearing aids before both exams.

In-service event

The second stage is to produce documentation that your hearing loss was caused or contributed to by an incident that occurred while you were working. In addition to combat-related duties, several military occupation specialties (MOS) need mechanics to work on vehicles and aircraft. There might be a lot of paperwork involved in this phase.

Medical opinion toward the in-service event

The medical nexus opinion is also an integral step since it is the formal way to build the connection between your current hearing loss condition and the in-service event you’ve appointed as the cause of the matter.

Other evidence

In this case, you could provide the documentation which has proven the hearing loss claims. The other evidence can be in the form of video, audio, images, and records from the official specialists or other bodies.

What’s next?

After claiming the hearing loss, the VA will schedule the C&P exam. The VA examiner will review the claims file, conduct the tests, and tick all the boxes to confirm the hearing loss cases.

The number of benefits will depend on your disability rating. Reach out to your experienced lawyers now for further information about hearing loss VA benefits.



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